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Thank you for your interest joining the IPHA team! We are looking for driven and committed individuals to join our team and look forward to working with you!

Executive committee

List of executive positions and responsibilities: 

  1. Treasurer:
    • Have signing authority.
    • Prepare projected budgets and reports of expenses annually or as needed.
    • Actively seek reimbursements from the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa and other sources, as appropriate.
    • Be responsible for overseeing all financial dealings of the club.
    • Keep complete records of all financial dealings of the club.
  2. Secretary:
    • Prepare the agenda for each meeting, to be approved by the President.
    • Keep detailed minutes of all meetings.
    • Record attendance at meetings.
    • Distribute minutes promptly after the meeting.
    • Reserve rooms for each meeting.
    • Schedule each meeting.
  3. Media Coordinator:
    • Monitor the email account by replying to emails and maintaining the mailing list.
    • Maintain a presence on social media (i.e. Facebook and Instagram updates), especially for event promotion.
    • Update the website as needed.
    • Arrange photography for events.
  4. Event Coordinator:
    • Plan programming and schedule for events.
    • Reserve all rooms for events.
    • Contact speakers for events.
    • Maintain all correspondence with speakers.
    • Create case studies for healthcare team challenges.
    • Create question lists for panel events.
  5. Sponsorship Coordinator:
    • Actively seek out new sponsorships from businesses, faculties, community partners, and organizations.
    • Maintain good relations and correspondence with existing sponsors.
    • Reply to all emails from sponsors.
    • Update the current sponsorship package.
    • Purchase speaker gifts for events, as well as food items.
  6. Outreach Coordinator:
    • Assist in event promotion by preparing posters and flyers, both digitally and in a hard-copy format.
    • Assist by placing posters in appropriate locations throughout the uOttawa campus.


We are always accepting new volunteers! Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering with the IPHA.