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IPHA Executive Committee 2018-2019


Svetlana Ždero is a third year Honours Bachelor of Health Sciences student in French Immersion at uOttawa, and is the President of uOttawa IPHA. She enjoys playing the piano and attends as many concerts as she possibly can. She is also a huge soccer fan and enjoys downhill skiing in the winter.

“Interprofessionalism means improving patient outcomes through collaborative communication and problem-solving. My goal for IPHA is to inform a wide student audience about our events, so that future healthcare professionals are better prepared to work in real healthcare settings.”


Vice President

Alanna Jane is a fourth year Honours Bachelor of Health Sciences student at uOttawa, and is the Vice President of the IPHA. She has been involved with IPHA for four years, as a volunteer in her first year, an Event Coordinator in her second year, and then as President in her third year. She enjoys playing the piano and ukulele, volunteering, teaching STEM activities, working on research, and running in her spare time. She is also a huge fan of her favourite band, twenty one pilots, and has seen them perform live 3 times and counting.

“My goals for the IPHA in the 2018-2019 year are to continue to host several engaging events throughout the year that will expose the uOttawa community to relevant issues in healthcare, while also applying an interdisciplinary lens. I hope to work with the executive to bring an array of guest speakers from a variety backgrounds to these events, and demonstrate the diversity of careers that exist in the healthcare field. Finally, I look forward to working closely alongside the President and the rest of the executive to continue propelling our club forward by increasing our visibility and building relationships with other clubs on campus!”


Event Coordinator #1

Alicia Bialczyk just entered her fourth year of an Honours BSc in Psychology and is an Event Coordinator of the uOttawa IPHA. Alicia enjoys cross-country running, mindfulness meditation, and loves spending time with her silly schnauzer-shih tzu, named Grover.

“I hope to host more prevalent health care events that incorporate the aspect of mental health”


Event Coordinator #2

Antonio Mioc is a third year Health Sciences student at the university of Ottawa. Antonio is returning for his second year as an event coordinator with the IPHA. Outside of school, Antonio lives and breathes soccer and spends most of his time watching and playing it. He is pursuing the path to medical school with hopes to become a doctor.

“As an event coordinator I seek to give the students a chance to learn about various aspects of healthcare and connect them with people in different health professions which will inform and educate them on the path of study they have chosen.”


Media Coordinator

Michelle Yoo is a second year Honours Bachelor of Biomedical Science student and she is the Media Coordinator of the IPHA. She enjoys playing violin and listening to acoustic music.

“My vision for IPHA is to deliver IPHA messages to a wider group of student audiences (health care receivers and possibly future health care providers) through more active communication and media. I would like everyone to learn more about clinical settings and how different fields of health care work together as a team rather than working independently to provide the best care for patients, because at the end of the day, we are all health care providers (maybe for your family) and receivers!”


Sponsorship Coordinator #1

Andréa Rondeau-Brown is a third year Honours Bachelor of Health Sciences Student in French Immersion and she is the Sponsorship Coordinator of the IPHA. She is passionate about nutrition, wellness, and travelling. Andréa also loves swimming, playing water polo, and practising yoga in her free time.

“Interprofessionalism represents a collaboration, it’s bringing patients, health care professionals, community members, and health domains together. This ensures quality of care and my goal in the IPHA is to promote this collaboration by spreading awareness and understanding of interdisciplinary health.”


Outreach Coordinator

Tina Podinić is a third-year Honours Bsc. Biomedical Sciences at uOttawa, and is the Outreach Coordinator for IPHA. She’s a barista by day, and graphic designer by night, who enjoys dancing, and knows just enough about astrology to get a degree.

“My goal is to raise awareness about the exciting events that IPHA organizes by creating captivating and creative posters that demonstrate our club’s initiative!”



Karan Mediratta is a third-year Honours BSc. Biomedical Sciences student at uOttawa, and is the Treasurer for IPHA. When he isn’t being a keener with school, he enjoys travelling, mountain biking, and meditating!

“Interprofessionalism is about learning how to work with all healthcare providers, patients, and their families, to develop and deliver quality care. My goal is to work alongside the executive to deliver engaging and meaningful events in a budget-friendly manner.”



Sara Krsmanovic is a third year Honours Bachelor of Health Sciences student at uOttawa, and is the Secretary of the IPHA. She enjoys tanning, swimming and playing ultimate frisbee during the summer months and indulge in the occasional Star Wars marathon.

“Interdisciplinary health care is a massive network of professionals that work to bring the highest level of patient care. My goal for the IPHA is to bring awareness to the health care professionals that work behind the scenes of a doctor and bring awareness to students about how the health care system works around them.”

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