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Executive Committee (2019-2020)


Karan Mediratta is a fourth-year Honours BSc. Biomedical Sciences student at uOttawa, and is the current President of IPHA. He enjoys travelling, meditating, and biking in his free time, though most of his time goes into studying!

“Interprofessionalism is about learning how to work with all healthcare providers, patients, and their families, to develop and deliver quality care. My goal for this year is to expand this concept beyond students in Science and Health Science, so that everyone contributing to the future of healthcare can be well-equipped for what is to come!”

Vice President

Svetlana Ždero is a third year Honours Bachelor of Health Sciences student in French Immersion at uOttawa, and is the Vice-President of the IPHA. She has been involved with the IPHA for four years and is passionate about promoting interprofessional education on campus. She enjoys playing the piano and attends as many concerts as she possibly can. She is also a huge soccer fan and enjoys downhill skiing in the winter.

“Interprofessionalism means improving patient outcomes through collaborative communication and problem-solving. My goal for the IPHA is to inform a wide student audience about relevant topics in healthcare through an interdisciplinary lens, so that future healthcare professionals are exposed to real world challenges as well as opportunities in the field.”

Event Coordinator

Janna Mohamed is a second year Honours BSc. Biomedical Sciences student at uOttawa and is the Event Coordinator for IPHA. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking with family and friends, thinking about life during nature walks, reading books, volunteering and hiking. She also loves to learn and discuss topics with others over a (necessary) cup of tea.

“I believe that increasing awareness about interprofessionalism in the field of healthcare early on will aid in people’s abilities to provide more effective care in a collaborative manner. As an event coordinator, I aim to cooperate with my partner in order to inform the public about interprofessionalism through engaging, enjoyable and eye-opening events. I also continuously look forward to work with the executive to be able to bring our visions and messages to life.”

Event Coordinator

Taha Ben Mohamed is a 4th year Biomedical Science student who is also an event coordinator at IPHA.He is quite passionate about a variety of interests ranging from badminton, to politics, to chess. On his down time he also loves to debate, especially if you mention one of his interests!

“For me interprofessionalism in the healthcare field is all about bringing different professions, specialties and backgrounds together to ensure a better care for patients. I think communication and collaboration are important skills for interprofessionalism and so my goal is to help those interested to better those skills!”

Media Coordinator

Fjolla Berbatovci is a 4th year Honours Bsc. Biomedical Science student at uOttawa and is the social media coordinator for IPHA. In her spare time, she enjoys being active, the arts, and socializing with friends.

“Interprofessionalism to me is the integration of multiple domains of work in order to improve our healthcare system. The ultimate goal is to improve the healthcare experience for all parties involved, so collaboration between different disciplines is important. My goal for this year is to spread the message about our club’s beliefs and values to as many people the best way I can.”

Sponsorship Coordinator

Gina Theivendra is a third year Honours Bachelor of Health Sciences student at uOttawa and uOttawa IPHA’s Sponsorship Coordinator. When she’s not hitting the books, she enjoys being outdoors, playing with everyone’s pets, and curating new music playlists for her friends. She hopes to one day join an interprofessional healthcare team as an occupational therapist and work with young children.

“Interprofessionalism is a group of knowledgeable, passionate, and specialized individuals coming together to provide superior care to a patient. Interdisciplinary collaborations are key to ensuring patient satisfaction and delivering the best possible treatment plan. I am looking forward to join the IPHA team in hosting events and guest speakers that will convey the noteworthy applications and benefits of interprofessional communication within the field of healthcare to uOttawa students!”

Outreach Coordinator

Tina Podinić is a fourth-year Honours Bsc. Biomedical Sciences at uOttawa, and is the Outreach Coordinator for IPHA. She’s a barista by day, and graphic designer by night, who enjoys dancing, and knows just enough about astrology to get a degree.

“My goal is to raise awareness about the exciting events that IPHA organizes by creating captivating and creative posters that demonstrate our club’s initiative!”

Outreach Coordinator

Taylor Hume is a second year Honours Bachelor of Health Sciences student at uOttawa, and is an Outreach Coordinator of uOttawa IPHA. She enjoys spending time with friends, being outdoors and dancing.

“My goal is to create fun ways of spreading information about the events IPHA holds and to inform others about the importance of interprofessionalism in the work place and in every day life. To me, interprofessionalism means learning to work with a team to create the best possible outcome for the patient or person in your care.”


Shafik Algharbi is a first -year Honours BSc. Biomedical Sciences student at uOttawa and is the Treasuer of IPHA. He enjoys traveling and seeking new adventures, going to the gym on his free time, and mainly focuses on medical researches and latest inventions.

“If we are to have a stable, socially based, efficient, and safe health system, it it will be necessary for all of us, as health care workers, policymakers, and educators, to implement interprofessional learning and collaboration at all levels of our health care system.”


Harneet Cheema is a first-year Honours Bsc. Health Sciences student at the University of Ottawa, and serves as the secretary for IPHA. Harneet is obsessed with all things music and fitness. She is passionate about sports like rugby and hockey, and takes great interest in reading and exploring new places with her friends.

“To me, interprofessionalism is about health care providers and patients coming together to develop quality care for all. My goal for IPHA is to raise awareness about the inner workings of the health care system, as well as involve students of different faculties across campus because health care is an important subject that affects our lives on a daily basis.”

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