Health Care Team Challenge

Healthcare Team Challenge 2017

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Bring a team of 2-5 students and see what it’s really like developing a patient-centered care plan based off of a case study of a patient with cystic fibrosis. Face off in a friendly competition against other teams to see who will win the prize! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to familiarize yourselves with the abilities necessary to improve collaboration and quality of interprofessional care.

Our three speakers and judges for this event include:
Dr. Subash Sad, Director of the Microbiology Graduate Program and Professor at the University of Ottawa.
Dr. Linda Garcia, Professor at the University of Ottawa, as well as the Vice-Dean, Governance, and Secretary of the Faculty of Health Sciences.
Alana Schick, PhD candidate in Evolutionary Biology at the University of Ottawa

Local HCTC 2016

Are you interested in healthcare? Would you like a chance to compete at a national healthcare competition? Are you interested in networking with healthcare professionals and health sciences students?

Come out to our Local Annual Healthcare Team Challenge! The Healthcare Team Challenge (HCTC) provides you with an opportunity to develop a patient care plan in the form of a case study.

The details: You will be presented with a case study outlining a patient profile. The case study will include specific questions regarding the initial and ongoing treatment plans of the patient. Re-entacting the role of various health professsinals, you will be split up into teams. Each team will present their responses to the panel of judges.

Participants in the local HCTC will have the opportunity to compete at the National Healthcare Team Challenge – held at Dalhousie University in Halifax!

Early Bird Participant Tickets: $10 (deadline is Feb. 6).
Participant tickets: $15 (Feb 7-10)

IPHA’s local HCTC will be taking place on Thursday February 11th at 7pm at the University of Ottawa campus in Vanier 1095. Buy your tickets here!

About the HCTC

The National Health Care Team Challenge is an interprofessional student team event that promotes teamwork and collaboration among students across Canada. The HCTC provides students with the opportunity to put their learning into practice. Over the course of the challenge students will be exposed to the interprofessional values and core competencies.


  • Behaviours and attitudes: mutual respect, trust, collaboration
  • Knowledge: roles of other health professionals
  • Skills: communication, reflection

Core Competencies

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Collaborative patient-/client-/family-centred approach
  • Conflict management/resolution
  • Team functioning

Each student team is provided with the same case with the goal of developing a collaborative interprofessional patient-/client-centred management plan. On the day of the event, student teams present their plans to an audience of clinicians, academics, community members, and students. Teams are judged on both the quality of the management plan and level of team collaboration.

IPHA’s Involvement

The IPHA has participated in and done well in each HCTC since its inception. We host a similar challenge locally each fall. Interested students are recruited and further trained to participate in the national challenge.


 IPHA at the University of Ottawa Healthcare Symposium 2016

National Health Care Team Challenge 2011