Our mission


The uOttawa Interprofessional Health Association (IPHA) is a CVUO-registered club at the University of Ottawa, and consists of a group of students devoted to promoting interprofessional collaboration and education at the student level. Formerly known as the Ottawa Health Sciences Students’ Association (OHSSA), we have rebranded our name to further promote the concept of interprofessional health.


The IPHA promotes patient-centred practice and collaborative teamwork through interprofessional education in order to respond to the evolving healthcare needs of Canadians. We provide interactive learning activities for students in health and social care programs at the University of Ottawa in Ontario. We are best known for our two annual events: the Healthcare Team Challenge (an interprofessionalism-based competition) and the Panel Event (a discussion between healthcare professionals).

Through several academic events each year, the IPHA strives to facilitate the understanding of roles in delivering patient-centered care by fostering respect and trust for fellow colleagues within the healthcare system.


A patient cannot be healed by one healthcare professional alone; one may succeed in providing momentary relief, but true healing requires a multidisciplinary approach, where various specialized individuals join forces to provide complete and long-lasting care. This collaboration between healthcare professionals in different fields is known as interprofessionalism. Evidence shows that interprofessional skills and teamwork result in better outcomes for patients, and more well-rounded professionals. With this knowledge comes the need to learn how to best develop these collaborative skills in healthcare providers, and in students with aspiring careers in healthcare.

The IPHA is a safe space for all; we are inclusive and non-judgemental. Please contact us for a copy of our updated constitution.