Big News! – Open to all Students

Hands on Health Magazine

Application link below

As a part of expanding the club, the IPHA team has decided to create Hands on Health. A magazine dedicated to producing a collective of articles that will include a range of topics related to healthcare (scroll down for examples of articles).

We are looking for students (worldwide) willing to help in the following roles:

Writers: People who are interested in writing about various topics they are interested in. Your work may vary from writing short mini-articles to very long articles delving deep into various topics. 

What type of articles are you looking for ?

  • What we have in mind at the moment is for you to create either interest pieces that would be more contemporary (ex: bioethical dilemmas/case studies, interviews with professionals/students, mental health pieces, historical pieces – all somewhat related to healthcare) or elaborate academic articles about research in the healthcare field (ex: innovations in physiotherapy, psychiatry, etc.). If your writing style is different than what was mentioned, they are still welcomed!

Editors: People who edit writer’s work, provide feedback and fine-tune the articles so they are interesting and informative. They will also fact check the articles to ensure we are conveying our information as accurately as we can.

Designers: These volunteers will be most concerned with designing cover art for the magazine, designing the pages and various other parts to make a visually pleasing magazine for our readers.

Other: If you have any other way that you can contribute to the making of this magazine we want to hear your opinion too!

What will I get out of this?

  • IPHA will grant you volunteering hours based on the work you do, which we will verify.
  • We will also provide you with contact information as some employers and universities (ex: OMSAS) may ask you to provide them with.
  • It’s an exceptional opportunity to improve your writing/editing/designing, teamwork, and communication skills.
  • A great way to meet new people, discuss ideas in a team and have a more immersive university experience.

What do you need for this role?

  • To be able to fulfill your tasks alongside your academic workload.
  • Be vocal and honest about things that are needed to be changed and any issues you have.
  • To be able to complete tasks prior to the deadline or inform us of any delay before the deadline.
  • Very basic communication skills (ex: replying to messages in a 24-hr period)